The current population of the Canadian Grey Wolf is approximately 60,000, a number that, after years of decline, is slowly increasing (1). Surprisingly, in this day and age, Grey wolves are still considered a big game species in Canada and only protected in 3% of their habitats, mostly in the northern regions of the country.

They are the most adaptable of all the wolves, residing in areas of tundra to thick wooded forests, grassy prairies and mountainous terrains. The largest of the wolves in Canada, they are recognizable by their distinctively large heads.

This year in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, the Canadian Grey Wolf was named ‘Canada’s Greatest Animal’, surpassing the Canadian beaver (2).

The Grey Wolf is one of the main reasons that all of us, as concerned Canadians, need to focus our attention on conservation efforts and developing habitats in which they can thrive.