The Business of Two Wolves Brewing

Two Wolves Brewing Inc. is a company that is built on three primary ideals:

1.     Produce a superior product that has a wide market appeal
2.     Develop strong brand awareness through consistent and effective marketing
3.     Work in a low cost, low overhead environment to increase profitability

Two Wolves Brewing has eliminated the burden of heavily financed operations and crippling overhead with its innovative business model. David Chadwick, CEO and Founder of Two Wolves Brewing Inc., says, “By outsourcing both our production and product distribution, we will be able to focus our effort and financial resources on supporting the business of our clients through consistent and effective marketing campaigns.”

“One of our foundational beliefs is that most companies over exceed their ability to perform on a consistent basis, by trying to be all things to all people”. Two Wolves Brewing Inc. brews beer in large scale production in partnership with Factory Brewing Ltd., who operates a production style brewery in Vancouver, BC. “Factory produces our recipes under contract for us,” says Chadwick. “They have a team of people who are experts at what they do, and work in a state of the art facility.” Factory Brewing provides the production, packaging expertise and ability for Two Wolves Brewing to grow our business as the business dictates, and not as our ability to produce dictates. This partnership allows Two Wolves Brewing to focus on the marketing, brand development, and sales; areas which our people have expertise in.

For this business model to be successful and expand to markets that would be inaccessible to the average new brewery starting up, we are taking advantage of a third-party distribution system that is second to none in the industry. The distributor provides cutting edge technology and established distribution across the nation. This combination of production and distribution ensures a network of a wider sales penetration; fast, efficient, effective distribution with no limitations on production or packaging.

A key strategy for Two Wolves Brewing is to be competitively priced in the markets in which we do business. Our formula is to be priced below the ‘craft’ beer company comparatives, and to put ourselves in line with the regional macro-breweries. This pricing strategy combined with a total commitment to ensure the overall success of our customers' business by delivering effective support, marketing dollars that reach the bottom line, and customers service that exceeds all industry expectations, creates a strong value statement for the Two Wolves brand.

One of the key essentials to the Two Wolves Brewing business model is excellence in customer service. A business without customers is not a business. Even a business with unhappy customers won't be a business for very long. The key to ensuring that your customers are happy—and that they keep coming back for more—is not only good products, but also great service.

Customer service is part and parcel of our everyday existence. In fact, it should be the very reason for our existence and not a chore to be endured. Good businesses enjoy giving great service... and they subsequently enjoy success. When we have satisfied our customers, they not only help us grow by continuing to do business with us, but recommend us to friends and associates as well. We believe in two simple ethics of great customer service:

1.     Never make a promise that you cannot keep
2.     Meet the customer at their needs and on their timeframe, no matter what the cost

In today’s business world ideals like ‘your word is your bond’ and ‘you have my hand on the matter’ have been replaced by contracts, legal jargon and mistrust. At Two Wolves Brewing, we believe in the old school ideals and want to create an environment where our customers know that they can count on us – always.

The final key to ensuring the long-term viability and strength of our business model, is to create a remote working culture within our organization. “I wanted to develop a company where I was not bound to a brick and mortar facility all of the time," says David Chadwick. “With the technology that is available today, you can have an organization that works remotely right across the company, without the need for an office environment or the cost of office overhead." This ideal is key to the success of Two Wolves Brewing, and allows us to stay focused on customer service and business development, and not on our own facilities.

Our team is spread out across the country and travelling on a continual basis. Managing remote employees has its challenges but with digital access to information being so pervasive, we have learned that remote work can in fact increase corporate productivity and add to our competitive edge in the marketplace.