Our Beer

At Two Wolves Brewing we believe that beer should not be complicated, or require a certification in ‘beerology’ to enjoy. Two Wolves Brewing is launching with two easy-drinking, approachable beers: the Arctic Blonde Ale and the Great Plains Brown Ale. Both beers are ales. We use a British ale yeast that gives the beer a bit of a fruity flavour. We use Canadian 2 row malt from the prairies as our base malt.

The Blonde Ale is 90% 2 row malt, the Brown Ale is around 80%. To add some sweetness, we use a light Munich malt. The brown ale also has crystal 60, chocolate malt, and black malt. The dark malts provide the colour and roasted coffee and chocolate flavours. Both beers are fermented at 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

The Blonde Ale has Cascade and Centennial hops. These provide the citrus flavour and aroma. The brown ale has Columbus and Amarillo. Amarillo is one of the top 10 varieties of hops utilized by the beer industry.

Two Wolves is proudly brewed in collaboration with Factory Brewing, in Vancouver, BC.