The Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf is a smaller cousin to the Canadian Grey Wolf. Medium sized, this wolf is distinguished by its grey/black or black/grey colouring and is closely related to the Mexican Grey Wolf. The wolf’s habitat ranges from Alaska, down the Rocky Mountains to Southern Alberta, and into the north central United States.

With current populations estimated in excess of 11,000 wolves, the Northern Rocky Mountain wolf was removed from the endangered species list in 2000 (1). All bit is alive and well, the wolf is a prime target for culling, due to it voracious appetite (they eat 10-20% of their body weight daily), as they will aggressively go after livestock if natural prey is not available (2).

Conservation efforts for this animal have been very successful on both sides of the border. It has proven that with focused effort a species can be saved if protected, monitored and their natural habitat is free from human disruption.