Two Wolves Brewing Inc., is a Canadian beer brand that targets its focus on mass market appeal, meeting consumer needs, developing brand loyalty, wide spread distribution and quality product. Founded in late 2016 and launched in August of 2017, the brewery has already developed strong distribution channels within British Columbia and Alberta, growing to over 300 retail locations in the first five months of operations. 


The solution to the challenges facing the beer industry in Canada today is innovation. Two Wolves Brewing is an innovative solution based company, that is ahead of the curve in the beer industry in Canada. Our system of contract production, outsourced regionalized distribution and specialized marketing, sales and branding gives us a unique edge in the industry and a long-term advantage to all stakeholders.

Two Wolves is more than a beer company, we are a lifestyle brand. Our commitment to living life and being an active part of the world we live in only strengthens our resolve and desire to achieve excellence. You know our story, now we want to be a part of your story!

Two Wolves Beer is proudly brewed in collaboration with Factory Brewing, in Vancouver, BC.




At Two Wolves Brewing, not only do we have experience in developing, running and managing other successful businesses, but we have assembled one of the best teams in the industry to take this business forward. Great companies, find success because of their people.

  David Chadwick  CEO + Founder   

David Chadwick
CEO + Founder


  Nathan Griffiths  Director of Operations

Nathan Griffiths
Director of Operations

  Patrick Ruscitti, CPA CA CFA  CFO

Patrick Ruscitti, CPA CA CFA

  Michelle Gowing  Director of Business Development

Michelle Gowing
Director of Business Development

  Warren Boyer  Head Brewer

Warren Boyer
Head Brewer

  Wayne Guilderson  CMO

Wayne Guilderson