Two Wolves Brewing

At Two Wolves Brewing we believe that beer should not be complicated, or require a degree in brewing to enjoy. Two Wolves beers are easy-drinking, and approachable and have a wide spread consumer appeal yet, still focus on freshness, great taste and non-traditional styles.

Two Wolves is also a company with a conscience. We are donating 5¢ from the purchase of every can and bottle across Canada to wolf research and the preservation of wolf habitats in this country. The preservation of wolves and our eco system is a major concern for all Canadians and this cause is close to our hearts so we are putting our money where it counts.

We hope that you enjoy our brand and our products, and thank you for all the support that you have shown.

- David Chadwick President/CEO + Co-Founder


Arctic Blonde Ale

Our light brew, Two Wolves Arctic Blonde Ale, is an approachable, easy- drinking beer that is visually appealing and has no dominating malt or hop characteristics. Rounded and smooth, it’s a Canadian classic – just a no frills beer with great taste and a clean finish.

16 IBU (International Bitterness Units) / 5.5 ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

The Two Wolves Arctic Blonde Ale, gets its name and pedigree from the Canadian Arctic Wolf. Often called the "polar wolf" or "white wolf," Arctic wolves inhabit the Arctic regions of Canada. Thanks to its isolation, the Arctic wolf is not threatened by hunting and habitat destruction in the same way as its southern relatives, but is forced to deal with shrinking natural habitats due to global climate change.

Brewed under license in BC and Alberta by Allen Brands Inc.

Brewed under license in Saskatchewan by District Brewing

Brewed under license in Manitoba by Torque Brewing


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Great Plains Brown Ale

Our dark brew, Two Wolves Great Plains Brown Ale, is a well-balanced beer with a deep copper colour and aromas of roasted malt, cocoa and caramel. This highly engaging beer is medium bodied and bright with a high carbonation and pairs well with most foods.

18 IBU (International Bitterness Units) / 5.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

The Two Wolves Great Plains Brown Ale, derives its name from the Great Plains wolf, also known as the buffalo wolf, or dusky wolf, is a subspecies of gray wolf whose range once extended throughout the Great Plains from southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Brewed under license in BC and Alberta by Allen Brands Inc.

Brewed under license in Saskatchewan by District Brewing

Brewed under license in Manitoba by Torque Brewing




Big ideas need big investment...

Two Wolves Premium Canadian Ales is a privately held Canadian beer brand, contract manufacturer and licensed operator; with bases in Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Regina. We are currently selling and distributing beer across these markets to over 650 retail locations and growing. These sales are generated through relationships with government agencies in Manitoba and Saskatchewan (MBLL and SLGA), a licensee operator in British Columbia and Alberta (OP Brands Inc.), and strong regional corporate contracts with companies like the Keg Restaurants.

We plan to expand our base of operations to the rest of Canada by the end of 2019 and then to international markets in the years to come, including the United States; Europe; Australia; and Asia. This expansion will be facilitated through the continued development of licensee relationships.

Two Wolves is also a company with a conscience. We are donating 5⊄ from the purchase of every can to wolf research and the preservation of wolf habitats in Canada. This is a cause that is close to our hearts and we are putting our money where it counts.

The company has raised $925,000 in shareholder equity and is looking now to raise an additional $450,000 in equity investment funding to be used for: further Canadian expansion; new high margin packaging materials; increased production and inventory; extensive marketing and advertising campaigns; international market research; working capital and opening of an online retail store.



How the investment works…

To achieve this investment funding, the Company is offering the following:

450,000 Class “A” non-voting shares

representing 17.5% of the value of the company

The subscription cost per share is set at $1.00.

As a guarantee for your investment, the Company is offering a 6% annual interest return on the investment, to be paid in full upon the completion of the 5-year vesting period. The shares issued for this investment will have both redeemable and retractable conditions applied to them, at the end of the vesting period.

The investor will receive the full value of their initial investment, plus the 6% guaranteed interest payment, plus any appreciated value the shares have earned over the vesting period.

We are excited to present our investment plan to you and help you learn how you can become part of our pack, so you can take advantage of all that this investment offers.

This is your unique opportunity to own part of the national beer company.



For centuries wolves have had their share of supporters and antagonists around the world. It has become evident that they play an important role in a balanced ecosystem as a top predator. It is for that reason, we are committing five cents from the purchase of every bottle or can of Two Wolves beer across the country to supporting the protection of habitats in Canada and provide aid in the prevention of the extinction of wolves as a vital species in our ecosystem.

One of the organizations that we will be supporting is the Wolf Centre for Excellence in Thompson, Manitoba. Thompson recently received the designation of "Wolf Capital of the World". Researchers, biologists, human dimension experts, and wildlife lovers have been invited to participate in a “researcher’s dream world” to better understand how wolves behave in this pristine environment.

Climate change is already evident in this region as southern animal species are moving farther north. How will the ecological balance between prey and predator be impacted? This is what this research is determining, and why it is so important.

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The Story Of Two Wolves

There’s an ancient tale of the two wolves which live inside all of us. The story is related by an old grandfather to his young grandson.

“My son, there is a battle between the two wolves that live inside us all. The dark wolf thrives on fear, hate and evil, while the white wolf embraces love, compassion and goodness.

The grandson thinks about this and says, “Grandfather, how will I know which wolf will win?” The grandfather replies, “It is the wolf you feed”.

The story of the two wolves teaches us that our future, our destiny is in our control. You have to know which wolf to feed and when. It’s up to you to feed your courage, it is up to you to feed your mind everything that it needs to achieve success and contentment in life.