Two Wolves Brewing Inc.

Have you ever thought “wouldn’t it be fun to own a beer company”? Now, through the power of crowd funding, you have a unique opportunity to do just that.

Two Wolves Premium Canadian Ales has launched its national funding campaign with FrontFundr and this is your opportunity to join our team and be part of the Two Wolves pack. 

The company has already raised $925,000 in shareholder and major investor equity, and is now looking to secure an additional $450,000 in equity investment funds. That is where you come in! 

Two Wolves Premium Canadian Ales is a privately held Canadian beer brand and contract manufacturer, with operations based in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Regina. We believe in making beer for the tastes of the average beer drinker, and distributing that product across a wide market. By supporting an investment in Two Wolves: you are building a new, sustainable model for brewery production and distribution in Canada, for and owned by Canadians. You can be a shareholder and equity owner for as little as $100!

Two Wolves Premium Canadian Ales is currently selling and distributing beer across western Canada, to over 650 retail locations. We plan to expand our base of operations across Canada through 2019, and then to international markets in the years to come, including: The United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Two Wolves is also a company with a conscience. We are donating 5⊄ from the purchase of every can and bottle across this great nation to wolf research and the preservation of wolf habitats in Canada. This is a cause that is close to our hearts and we are putting our money where it counts.

Because this is an investment and not a donation, the process to buy shares is a little more complicated than “click to donate” crowdfunding. There is paperwork to go through via FrontFundr’s online platform, but the process is relatively simple once you start and FrontFundr provides support and guidance. You will be asked for some personal information, which FrontFundr guards and does not share with Two Wolves.

This opportunity will go fast, make sure that you do not miss out on being part of the change, and join the pack. I am sure you have questions, we have answers. Contact us at, or simply respond to this email.


With optimism,

David Chadwick,  CEO + Founder