“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” 
― Helen Keller



Wayne Guilderson



Wayne is the creative force behind the Two Wolves Brewing brand development. Originally from Nova Scotia, Wayne has truly 'explored both sides' of this great country, and his journey is not over yet.

An avid motorcyclist and tennis player who loves being on the open road, engulfed in fresh air and sunshine, Wayne’s favourite place to be is the BC Okanagan, winding through the vineyard covered hills with the wind in his hair. “I believe in complete creativity and building design that reaches beyond local markets”, says Wayne. “in the freedom of the outdoors we find creative ideas that allow us to build design that communicates internationally. This is what we are striving to achieve with the Two Wolves Brewing brand.”

Nathan Griffiths



Born and raised in Edmonton, 'Nate', as he is known to us, is a prairie boy at heart. His passion is beer, and as Two Wolves Brewing's resident 'beer geek', Nate combines his love for brewing, experience in the industry and knowledge about all things beer in one place.

Nate started home brewing in college to save money and learn more about beer. Over the years, he moved from extract beers that would have impressed even the most discerning palates in any federal prison, to custom all-grain recipes preferred by his ardent light-lager drinking friends.

During his career, Nate worked at several different breweries, gaining experience in all aspects of the industry, and constantly challenging himself to raise the bar and be part of something special. Today, Nathan pairs his love of beer with his love of the outdoors. He loves to camp, hike, snowshoe and just generally explore.

You can find Nate at bars, liquor stores, and beer festivals sharing the Two Wolves experience with people right across Western Canada, or perhaps even brewing up lagers and ales on his patio.

Michelle Gowing



Another Prairie native, Michelle was born and raised in Calgary, AB and has never been the best at sitting still. She loves to go out and explore the landscape of Western Canada, and especially the Okanagan, which she calls home. An avid dog lover, she tells us, “I rescued a dog from Mexico so I have the perfect adventure partner to go swimming or hiking with, and he's always down for a good old fashioned walk."

In the winter Michelle is an avid snowboarder and takes advantage of her wetsuit so she can keep swimming all year long. She likes to be outside and stay active because we all know the tastiest beers are the beers you earn after a great adventure!

Warren Boyer



Warren’s obsession with making beer started in 1998 when he bought an apartment and had his first mortgage. Seeking a way to enjoy beer without the expense of visiting a pub, he bought a book, cobbled together some inexpensive equipment and started all-grain home brewing. “I first became interested in non-mainstream beer while still in high school. A friend’s father was buying imported English ales from where he grew up and he let me try them. I was instantly intrigued by this product that was so very different from the pale yellow, fizzy, tasteless beers that my parents had in the house!”

Today, Warren wears many hats. In addition to being an award-winning home brewer, a BJCP Certified Beer Judge and a regular writer for 'What’s Brewing' magazine, he created the recipes for Two Wolves Brewing. You can also find Warren at a local campground on any given weekend, or kayaking in the gulf islands. “When you live here,” says Warren, “the outdoors is not just something to do, it is a way of life.”

In case you’re wondering, with all he has on his plate, Warren is still home brewing in his spare time. He says, “There’s always an opportunity to better yourself and your peers by sharing what you know. I want to create the best versions of traditional beers possible—and that’s not something that can be achieved if you sit still.”